Report: Mom Has Plan For Tub Of Whipped Cream In Fridge

Don’t Eat It

HARRISONBURG, VA—Saying there were plenty of other things to snack on, local mom Susan Weiss announced Friday that she has a plan for the tub of whipped cream in the refrigerator, so no one is allowed to eat it. “I’m making a new recipe, and the last thing I want to see when I open that tub is a big scoop taken out,” said Weiss, adding that everyone will get to eat it on Sunday when the McCormicks come over. “If there’s any left over, you can have some then. But if you’re really hungry now, you can have those grapes or heat up the fajitas from last night.” Weiss went on to say that no one should be scrounging around the kitchen anyway because dinner would be ready in an hour.


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