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PARKVILLE, MD—Disappointed by the recent decrease in the frequency of new threads as well as a seeming influx of uneducated new users, local man and regular Brett Patchke complained Tuesday about the site’s notable decline in discussion quality. “God, who are all these idiots? They don’t know the first thing about how the shooter was drugged and hypnotized by government agents,” said Patchke, lamenting that his latest post discussing which Obama cabinet officials authorized the elaborately staged ruse only received 31 views and two replies, neither of which added any meaningful contributions regarding the federal government’s efforts to confiscate every privately owned firearm in the United States. “You used to be able to post evidence showing how the actors playing local residents had previously appeared in the Aurora, Colorado shooting coverage and you’d get thoughtful responses from other knowledgeable users who would immediately share a link to official FBI statistics that showed no murders recorded in Newtown in 2012. Now everyone’s always steering the conversation off-topic to the type of rifle used or endlessly discussing how many additional shooters there were. This is turning into a huge waste of my time.” Patchke added that the forum’s moderators could learn a thing or two from the consistently engaging and professional site


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