Illustration for article titled Regular Customer Of Sinaloa Cartel Shocked To Learn Organization Funded Death Squads

SAN DIEGO—Expressing his disbelief and disappointment over purchasing the Sinaloa drug cartel’s products for decades while remaining ignorant of their less-than-ethical attitude toward competing business, regular cocaine customer Richard Barnes confirmed this week that he was shocked to learn the powerful international drug-trafficking organization had helped fund death squads. “I have to say, it’s really disturbing to learn that such a popular and respected institution could do something like this,” said Barnes, who admitted he personally enjoyed the syndicate’s high-quality cocaine, but was disappointed to learn how they had financially supported paramilitary groups that carried out repeated extrajudicial killings of cartel opponents. “Consumers vote with their wallets, and it feels morally wrong to buy their coke, no matter how highly refined, if your money could potentially be paying criminals to repress, torture, and assasinate their rivals. It’s crazy that people don’t know about this—I should alert Sleeping Giants.” Barnes, who has reportedly written the Sinaloa cartel a harshly worded letter denouncing their practices and declaring his intent to take his recreational drug business elsewhere, has not been seen for three days.


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