Illustration for article titled Reform ‘Fifty Shades’ Reader Doesn’t Think Christian And Ana Literally Indulged In Bladder Control Fetish, But Derives Meaning From Story Nonetheless

GASTONIA, NC—Saying the erotic romance novel had always been open to individual interpretation, reform Fifty Shades Of Grey reader Pamela Boyd divulged Tuesday that she does not think Christian and Ana literally indulged in bladder control fetish play, but that she derives meaning from the story nonetheless. “Just because I don’t believe Christian would actually command Ana to refrain from voiding her painfully full bladder as a component of their kink play doesn’t mean I can’t extract value from the text,” said Boyd, explaining that Ana’s submissive denial of her overwhelming urge to urinate at Christian’s demand was obviously a metaphor conveying important life lessons and was never meant to be taken at face value. “There’s a lot of material in Fifty Shades I don’t necessarily agree with, but you don’t have to buy into all of the sadomasochism wholesale. What’s timeless about the work is how a reader can find the bondage scenes that specifically speak to them and their circumstances and create their own meaning from those.” Boyd added that Fifty Shades is at its core a historical document that only makes sense in the context of the Twilight fan fiction from which the work was derived.


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