Receipt Brazenly Placed In Bag Without Permission

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DAVENPORT, IA—Calling the conduct an affront to common decency, local Walgreens customer David Nivola confirmed that his receipt had been brazenly placed in his bag without his permission Wednesday. “Am I seeing things, or did you just put that receipt into my bag without even thinking to ask first?” said an incredulous Nivola, receiving vocal support from customers behind him in the checkout line who reportedly appeared equally stunned and offended by the cashier’s audacity. “A man has a right to be asked for consent before you do something like that. Jesus, look at it in there right alongside my items. You’re lucky I don’t return all this stuff and walk right out the door.” Nivola added he was amazed the cashier even had the common courtesy to ask if it was okay to place the items in one bag instead of two.


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