ALBANY, NY—Left staggered and dumbfounded by the unexpected line of inquiry, real estate agent Jeffrey Tindell told reporters Monday he was totally unprepared for a potential buyer’s hard-hitting questions about the water pressure in a local three-bedroom townhouse recently listed for sale. “The showing seemed to be going pretty well, but then, out of nowhere, this guy starts grilling me on all this stuff about whether the water pressure is lower upstairs than it is downstairs—he just completely blindsided me,” said a visibly exasperated Tindell, recounting how his feet were held to the fire with questions about whether the previous resident had been happy with the pressure and whether the showerhead would likely need to be replaced. “I tried to change the subject and bring his attention back to the newly installed Berber carpeting, but he just wouldn’t let up. By the time he hit me with that question about whether the pressure in the shower is still good when the dishwasher is running, I knew I was in way, way over my head.” Tindell added that he was still reeling at the mere thought of the prospective buyer actually following through on his promise to send “a few follow-up questions” about the washer-dryer hookups.


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