CODAJÁS, BRAZIL—Saying that he was willing to try anything once, a praying mantis in the Amazon rainforest hesitantly agreed to his girlfriend’s sexual fantasy of eating his head during sex, sources confirmed Thursday. “Honestly, I was a little wary when she first told me she was fantasizing about devouring my head, but I’m definitely trying to keep an open mind,” said the mantis, noting that though he had reservations about the practice, he also respected his partner for feeling comfortable enough to open up to him about her head-eating kink. “A lot of guys would have just run in the other direction when they heard their girlfriend wanted to crack off their head in her mandibles and guzzle it for sustenance. But who knows, maybe I’ll like it. Anyway, she promised she’d go slowly and that I could always stop her before she ate the rest of my body if I’m not into it.” The mantis added that it was only fair that he be flexible given that his girlfriend had indulged his fetish of watching her flash the colored eyespots under her forewings during courtship.


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