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SAN DIEGO—After stopping to question a visibly inebriated man who was seen stumbling on the sidewalk outside a local bar, police officers confirmed they were satisfied Saturday night once the individual assured them there was no problem. “Just before midnight we encountered an intoxicated male in his 30s who was shouting loudly, slurring his words, and propping himself up against a mailbox; however, after he informed us he was ‘totally good,’ we determined that no further action was needed,” officer Jack Bara said, adding that the man further confirmed the situation was under control by giving them a thumbs-up. “Once he steadied himself and reiterated that he was fine nine times in a row, we realized there was indeed no issue and moved along.” The officers stated that they waved the man’s car through a traffic stop roughly a half hour later, noting that the individual had earlier attested that he was “great 100 percent.”


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