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SYCAMORE, TX—Utilizing state-of-the-art imaging tools in an effort to spark renewed interest in the eight-month-old case, officials from the Sycamore Police Department released a haircut-progressed photo Wednesday showing how local woman Kelly Mance’s hair would have changed in the time since she went missing. “We ask for the public’s help in circulating this image, which has been adjusted to show what we believe Ms. Mance’s haircut may look like today,” department spokesperson Jacob Frederickson told reporters, explaining how forensic specialists had manipulated the last known picture of Mance, who has not been seen since exiting her apartment building last June, to reveal how the missing woman would appear with longer bangs and a side part. “Given her personal style, previous cuts, and current trends, we’ve been able to estimate how Ms. Mance would most likely have altered her look to keep her hairstyle cute and up to date.” Frederickson added that, while authorities were hopeful this new image would allow them to find Mance and return her safely to her family, they were aware of the difficulties they’d encounter if at any point in the past few weeks she had added auburn highlights.


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