Person Standing Far Away From Burial Must Have Deep, Dark Secret About Deceased

TWIN FALLS, ID—According to eyewitnesses, a solitary figure who was seen standing far from the other mourners at Thursday’s burial service for local man James McManness must know some deep, dark secret about the deceased. The mysterious individual, who is said to have worn a black suit and a fedora pulled low over his brow, reportedly said nothing and interacted with no one throughout the ceremony. Sources confirmed that the anonymous observer stayed just far enough away that funeral attendees could not make out any identifying features, though one onlooker claimed that when the ominous figure pulled a cigarette to his lips and lit it beneath the downturned brim of his hat, the light cast by the flame revealed what may have been a scar down his left cheek. When those in attendance turned to leave the gravesite just moments after the service ended, the unknown man was reportedly gone, leading some to look around in all directions in vain before slowly walking out of the cemetery.


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