Illustration for article titled Pedestrians Passing Each Other On Sidewalk Stop To Let Children Sniff Each Other

GREENVILLE, SC—Slowing their pace to accommodate their curious companions as they approached from opposite directions, pedestrians passing on a busy sidewalk Wednesday reportedly stopped and allowed their children to become socialized by sniffing each other. “I promise mine’s friendly—do you mind if he says hello?” said mother Andrea Bailey, momentarily loosening her grip on her male toddler to allow the two eager children to approach at an appropriate smelling distance. “Lennon, go say ‘Hi!’ My little guy is just 2. What about yours? He’s so cute. I wanted one just like that, but we didn’t want to have to adopt. Down, Lennon! Down, now. You know we don’t jump.” Passersby were later seen helping separate the two roughhousing youngsters after the large male clamped down on the other’s neck.


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