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SKOKIE, IL—Describing how the affection between the pair was apparent the moment he met them, Father Gregory McNeil is said to have delivered a whole little spiel Saturday about how truly in love local couple Colin Brayer and Allison Trudeau are despite him not knowing them for very long. “I’ve only had the pleasure of knowing the bride and groom for a short while, but in our time together it has become abundantly clear that they are meant for each other,” said the local Episcopalian priest, who has reportedly spent a cumulative total of 55 minutes in the couple’s company on three brief occasions, including the wedding ceremony itself at which he was officiating. “Just seeing how Allison and Colin look into one another’s eyes or the way they tenderly interacted with each other during yesterday’s rehearsal, there’s no question that they are prepared to embark upon this remarkable journey together. It’s easy to see that their bond is a special and lasting one.” According to reports, the pastor then said he could tell the couple was surrounded by loving friends and family members who would always be there to offer their support throughout the marriage despite not knowing a single thing about any one of them and having never before seen them until that very moment.


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