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ATLANTIC CITY, NJ—Restroom attendee Sean O’Donnell recoiled internally Monday while regarding the painted-over portion of the PATH train bathroom wall where he could only assume some truly egregious and revolting graffiti had been written. “Stuff like, ‘Kimmy S sucked my cock’ and ‘Die all cops’ is still plainly visible in this stall. It makes you wonder what kind of deranged shit they decided to cover up,” said O’Donnell, speculating that the most vile and hateful slurs imaginable were once scrawled on the wall for all the world to see. “Jesus Christ, there’s still a ton of crudely drawn genitals, the word ‘faggot,’ and a couple swastikas. Most of the graffiti in here is pretty damn unsettling—I can only imagine that whatever they got rid of was fucked up beyond belief.” O’Donnell refused to speculate what horrifying imagery might be beneath the spots of the wall covered in blood, excrement, and urine.


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