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CATASAUQUA, PA—Positively brimming with joy after welcoming the infant into their home, first-time grandparents Edward and Colleen Harris told reporters Friday they were overwhelmed with emotion now that they finally understood what it meant to love a child. “I can’t even begin to put my happiness into words because I’ve never felt anything like this before,” said the new grandmother, adding that she could think of nothing in her 71 years that could even begin to compare with the experience of looking into the eyes of her newborn grandson, Logan, and seeing a tiny piece of herself reflected back. “It’s as though I never knew what life was really about until this moment. You spend seven decades focused almost completely on yourself, and then suddenly you’re given this whole new set of priorities. From now on, Logan will be the one who comes first.” At press time, the proud grandparents were reportedly crying, saying they felt as if everything they had done with their lives up to that point had been completely meaningless.

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