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POUGHKEEPSIE, NY—Citing the pair’s “earnest expressions” and “apparent belief in the power of honest dialogue,” sources said Tuesday that the open-minded, nonjudgmental conversation two Americans are currently trying to have about race in the 21st century is pretty hilarious. “Our racial identities are an integral part of who we are, and while we can’t ignore that there are differences between us, we can still engage in a meaningful discourse,” said one of the two individuals, both of whom spoke in thoughtful tones and used hand gestures that made their laugh-out-loud discussion of genuine understanding between the races even more hysterical. “I disagree with some of your perspectives, but I respect you and want to learn more about where you’re coming from.” The sidesplitting exchange reportedly reached its uproarious climax as the two Americans nodded toward each other and agreed that “this is how change happens.”

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