Only News Source Man Trusts Has Logo Of Eyeball In Crosshairs

Howland is said to obtain all his news about domestic politics, international conflicts, and the global economy from a journalism outlet that features a section titled “Puppet Masters.”

FULLERTON, CA—Noting that he relies upon the website every day to keep himself apprised of important national and global events, sources confirmed Thursday that the only news outlet local man Andrew Howland trusts uses an image of an eyeball in crosshairs as its logo.

According to reports, the single news source in which the 27-year-old college graduate places confidence is called, and features in its upper-left-hand corner—directly adjacent to the site’s austere, black-and-red nameplate—a low-resolution photo of a human eye behind two intersecting lines and a circle intended to represent the sights of a gun.


“The mainstream media is controlled by these big corporations, so you have to dig deeper if you want to know what’s really going on,” said Howland, who regularly reads articles that are rendered in bright green text over a black background and that contain entire paragraphs written in all capital letters for emphasis. “You have to be careful, because so much of what you see online just isn’t reliable.”

“It’s important to make sure you’re getting the real story,” he added. “Especially these days.”

While Howland is said to have many thousands of news options available to him online, in print, and through broadcast media, sources indicated that the one he has deemed most trustworthy is a website that frequently uses the words “exposed,” “Orwellian,” “cover-up,” and “shadow groups” in its headlines.

Truth Link, whose sidebar prominently features an advertisement for a self-published book by the site’s editor-in-chief titled The America Files: Declassified, is reportedly one of the first websites Howland visits each morning, and one he checks four to five times during his workday and at least once per evening.


“When I hear about breaking news, I always go to Truth Link for updates,” said Howland, referring to a website that also features a stock photo of a surveillance camera and an infrared image of a fingerprint overlaid with the words “Government Secrets.” “After all, there’s a lot of stuff going on in the world that doesn’t get covered by the larger news outlets.”

Sources noted that Howland frequently posts links to the website on Facebook, adding comments such as “Something to think about…” or “Open your eyes,” and sometimes responds to his friends’ posts simply by linking to a Truth Link article and providing no additional comment.


Additionally, those close to Howland confirmed that the majority of the Truth Link articles he reads feature the sporadic use of boldfaced and underlined words throughout the text, include long sections of bullet points, and frequently end with a question. Howland is also believed to have watched videos on the site in which a man with a deep voice speaks solemnly over rotating images of ancient druidic stone formations.

“You just can’t believe everything you read online,” said Howland, whose preferred news source features a drop-down menu of subsections labeled “U.S. News,” “World News,” “Whistleblowers,” “Science/Tech,” and “Strange Encounters.” “So I try to find sites that will give me a balanced look at the issues.”


According to the “About Us” page of the website that serves as Howland’s sole connection to what is happening in the world, Truth Link is “fighting the corrupt corporate media paradigm,” with the page’s text going on to assure readers that the site is “dedicated to telling the stories no one else will” before prompting them to donate to the website via PayPal so it can “keep bringing you the REAL news.”

At press time, Howland was carefully considering whom to vote for in the presidential election while reading an article accompanied by a photo of Hillary Clinton with glowing red eyes.


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