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NEW HAVEN, CT—Saying they were proud to showcase the work done by their writers, executives at the New Haven Register told reporters Thursday they sometimes like to set aside a little ad space to promote the newspaper’s own articles. “Every so often, at the bottom-right corner of our homepage, we’ll remove a small ad unit and display one or two pieces our staff produces,” said the newspaper’s publisher, Kevin Corrado, adding that the writers were always pleasantly surprised to discover that one of their investigative reports or feature stories had appeared on the website, even if it was in fairly small font and they had to scroll down a considerable amount to find it. “Rewarding as it is, journalism can be an exhausting job, so it’s nice to highlight some of that hard work when a short-term gap in our ad coverage makes that feasible every once in a while.” At press time, a sizable buy from JetBlue ensured that the paper would not be promoting its own articles for at least six weeks.


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