Illustration for article titled New Sip-And-Weld Studio Provides Opportunity To Drink Wine, Create Own Masterpiece With Blowtorch

TOPEKA, KS—The owner of a new sip-and-weld studio revealed that the workshop will provide guests the opportunity to casually drink wine while creating their very own blowtorched masterpiece, sources confirmed Wednesday. “You bring the cabernet, we’ll supply the arc welders, oxy-acetylene torches, face shields, and metalworking gloves,” said owner Kimberly Solis, adding that classes are open to all skill levels from people who have never held a soldering iron to experienced journeymen. “Kick your bachelorette parties or date nights up a notch by drinking and welding along with an instructor or feel free to express yourself by blowtorching your very own robot or yard sculpture. While you’re splitting a bottle of wine with your pals, you’ll also learn how to fuse together nuts, bolts, pipes, wires, and sheet iron into a unique piece of art. But more importantly, you’ll be bonding with your friends while you bond metal at over 2,000-degree Fahrenheit.” Solis added that the studio is also available to host children’s birthdays.


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