MILTON, WI—Saying that she was still adjusting to the physical aftereffects of her difficult childbirth, new mother Tina Quinn admitted Friday she was still a bit self-conscious about the scar where Skyler, her healthy 7-pound, 8-ounce newborn, punched his way out of her stomach. “I know it’s kind of a silly thing to worry about, but I feel like it looks weird—I just don’t feel comfortable wearing a bikini anymore,” said Quinn, lamenting that numerous home remedies, including vitamin E and coconut oil, had thus far failed to reduce the severity of the scar network webbed across her lower abdomen. “It was still the best day of my life, and I’d happily have my Skyler claw and gnash his way out of me again in a heartbeat, but it’s been challenging. Especially when some people judge you for not choosing to give birth the ‘traditional’ way.” Quinn also expressed gratitude that she suffered less scarring than a close friend who has yet to be released from the hospital after an 18-hour labor during which her baby slowly head-butted his way out of the womb.


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