WASHINGTON—Deeply moved by her boldness under such circumstances, citizens from around the country were reportedly inspired Thursday by the bravery of a teenager who walked into a local McDonald’s wearing only a bikini. “She strode right up to the counter in just this two-piece and placed her order—I mean, that takes some real courage,” said Denise Klimpf, one of the millions of admiring Americans who noticed that the intrepid teen had not draped a towel over her bare shoulders or covered her bikini bottom in a sarong or even denim cutoffs. “She came in, got exactly what she wanted, and walked to her booth without an ounce of self-consciousness. Then later on, like it was nothing, she strolled three-quarters of the way across the restaurant to get a soda refill. Man, I’d kill for that kind of confidence.” Reached for comment, the teenager said she could tell everyone was judging her and would definitely be using the drive-thru window next time.