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GUTHRIE CENTER, IA—Explaining how the matriarch had upstaged the competition with impressive decorations, thoughtful gifts, and delicious cake, area 9-year-old Lucy Astrid confirmed Tuesday that her Nana J. reclaimed the top spot from her Gram Gram following an exceptional birthday outing last week. “Gram Gram was certainly on top after getting me that pair of roller blades for Christmas, but Nana J. really swept in to win back her title,” said Astrid, noting how Nana J. allowed her to choose the restaurant where they dined for lunch then bought them tickets to a PG-13 movie along with soda and her favorite candy at the concession stand. “While the $20 check from Gram Gram was nice, it didn’t even come close. She’s really going to have to step it up if she wants to be back at number one.” Astrid also confirmed that Pop Pop remained floundering at the bottom of the list following his stroke last year.

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