Illustration for article titled Mysterious Benefactor Leaves Coupon Book To Dozens Of Local Establishments In Man’s Mailbox

BARTLETT, TN—Hardly able to believe his good fortune as he opened his mailbox Tuesday, area man Roger Grenville confirmed that a mysterious benefactor, apparently motivated by some virtuous sense of selflessness, had left him a booklet containing dozens of valuable coupons to various local business establishments. “My goodness! Who is this anonymous philanthropist who would take it upon themselves to provide a complete stranger with such a bounty of savings?” said Grenville as he looked with wonder upon the coupon booklet, which was said to include $3 off a large two-topping pizza at Domino’s, 15 percent off flower arrangements, a half-price ceiling fan installation, and numerous other awe-inspiring offers reportedly valued in the dozens of dollars, all of which were generously bestowed completely free of charge upon the local man for him to use at his leisure. “Really, what magnanimous altruist gives their fellow man 25 percent off a new set of all-season tires and then flees into the shadows, seeking no recognition or praise for their act of noble benevolence? Whoever this guardian angel is, I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude for this magnificent and truly unexpected gift.” While admitting he had no way to verify it, Grenville said he suspected the culprit might be the very same compassionate do-gooder who recently left him several identical menus for a local Chinese restaurant.


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