COLONIE, NY—Ensuring that her latest selections included a variety of sizes and styles, local mother Melissa Garlington ferried four more shirt options back to her 14-year-old son waiting in a local Gap dressing room this weekend, sources confirmed. “I got a medium and a large of each one because I wasn’t sure which you’d be,” said Garlington, who then reportedly stood outside the stall as her son periodically cracked the door open to pass back the options he did not want. “I also got you a navy polo, but then I thought you’d look handsome in this nice green one, so try them both on. What about the shorts I brought back earlier—did they feel too tight around the waist? Make sure to sit down in them too.” After confirming which options her son wanted to buy, Garlington then reportedly instructed him to change back into his old clothes while she headed over to the register to get them a spot in line.