Mother Feels A Little Validated After Daughter Who Stayed Out Late Gets Murdered

AVONDALE, OH—Confessing that her grief was somewhat moderated by seeing events play out exactly as she had warned, local mother Deborah Klein said Thursday she felt somewhat vindicated upon learning that her teenage daughter Rachel, after staying out later than parental rules allowed, had been murdered. “Sure, Rachel’s violent murder is not at all my desired outcome, but if I’m honest, it feels good to say ‘I told you so,’ even if it’s just to the bedroom she’ll never come home to again,” said Klein, adding that her daughter would often “pooh-pooh” repeated warnings that nothing good ever happens after midnight and disregarded entreaties to call in often with her location. “I would, of course, do anything in this world to get my sweet baby girl back, but it’s also nice to know I wasn’t being insane or unreasonable or mean, as some young people have been known to say, when I told her that we have curfews for a reason. Yes, this major tragedy will shatter me and I’ll never be whole again, but sometimes kids have to learn the hard way.” Klein later added that she intends to mention Rachel daily as a warning to her surviving children.


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