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ST. LOUIS—Noting that both she and your father thought everything about the place was just right up your alley, your mother confirmed Wednesday that she believes you’d really enjoy a new restaurant in town whose name she can’t quite remember at the moment. “I can’t for the life of me think of what it’s called, but I’m telling you, you’d love it,” said your mom, adding that the recently opened establishment, which she reported was done really nice inside, was located down over in that area where they built all those new shops. “Everything we got was absolutely delicious. I ordered something that was a lot like that dish I like from the Italian place down the road, and your dad’s food came with this amazing sauce I’d never heard of before—hey, honey? What did they say was in that chicken thing you ordered the other night?” Your mother further suggested taking your friends there sometime and making a whole night out of it, saying the people at the next table were just raving about whatever kind of wine they were drinking.


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