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PORTSMOUTH, NH—Calling the dish one of the tastiest she’s had in some time, 61-year-old mom Karyn Stockton continued to rave Thursday about the butternut squash ravioli she tried 13 years ago during a vacation to Boston. “Who would have thought to put squash into ravioli?” Stockton said of the pasta dish she consumed in 2005 at West End restaurant Riccardo Trattoria and has been bringing up intermittently while out at other restaurants and even during lulls in casual conversation. “I think it had some sage in the sauce. Or maybe it was tarragon? I swear, we should try to make it some time. Gosh, it was a great dinner. I wish you’d have been there.” At press time, Stockton revealed that she once bought a frozen version that looked similar at Sam’s Club, but that it just wasn’t the same.


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