Mom Saw A Bunch Of Photos From Women’s March Online

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PITTSBURGH—Expressing how inspired she was by the images from the gathering, local mom Susan Krieps told her daughter on the phone Monday that she had seen a bunch of photos from the 2018 Women’s March online. “Wow, there were so many women there,” said Krieps, recounting how she had scrolled through a slideshow one of her friends shared on Facebook containing photos of the march, which she explained occurred in a “bunch of different cities” and featured “some pretty famous speakers.” “It’s so nice to see all the ladies getting together like that for a good cause. The signs were great too. A lot of them were funny, but I have to say a few of them were a bit much.” Krieps added that she had ordered one of the pink hats online, and would order one for her daughter if she wanted.


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