Illustration for article titled Mom Recommends Previously Unheard-Of Form Of Transportation Son Could Take To Get Home

ST. PAUL, MN—Mentioning that there were some great deals on weekend round trips right now, local mother Carolyn Lynch reportedly recommended a previously unheard-of form of transportation Tuesday that her son could take to travel home. “They’ve got really reasonable tickets on FlashWheels for just $27,” said Lynch, adding that the formerly unknown transit service was easy to book and offered twice-daily trips to the Minneapolis–Saint Paul area. “Your father or I can just pick you up from the nearest FlashPoint at the regional airport when you arrive. They also have free Wi-Fi, so you can go online during your trip home.” At press time, Lynch reportedly told her son that she would just order the tickets for him, as she had found an online coupon offering 20 percent off a 12-ride FlashPack.


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