WILMINGTON, NC—Aggressively exploiting the short windows of time she spent with the high school junior, local mom Ally Brullard has been really gunning to befriend her babysitter during their weekly three-minute interactions, family sources reported this past Saturday. “Did you end up getting that dress you were looking at for winter formal, Sophie? It sounded gorgeous,” the 45-year-old mother of two reportedly said, picking up the thread of the conversation at the precise point where the two had left off the week before and deftly using the brief 180-second period during which she pays the babysitter and then walks her to the door to rapidly glean as much information as possible about her schoolwork, field hockey team, and plans for next summer. “And do you still think Ethan might ask you to go? That boy would be crazy to miss out on going with you.” Sources confirmed that Brullard then lit up immediately when the babysitter accepted her offer for a ride home and eagerly used the extended one-on-one time to probe her college choices in depth.