Mom Leaks Out Another Divorce Detail During Drive To SAT Prep Class

EDMONDS, WA—While driving her 15-year-old son Jonathan to his SAT prep class last evening, area mom Donna Callins leaked another detail of her divorce from the teenager’s father earlier this year, sources reported. “You know by this time last fall, he had already picked out a condo in the Southwest—I suppose you weren’t aware of that,” the 48-year-old mother said in what reports confirmed was merely the latest in a series of increasingly forthcoming disclosures to her son on the subject of her failed marriage, quickly adding that she “shouldn’t be talking about this with [him]” before expounding further on the topic. “At that point, I’m not sure if you know this, but we hadn’t been speaking for three months, except about you kids. Your father is a very difficult man. Anyway, have a good time! Text me when it’s over.” Sources later reported that Jonathan Callins sat quietly for the entire duration of the car ride.


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