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CHICAGO—Broadcasting her privilege and her ignorance loud and clear, feminist and mother of two Andrea Chambers, 34, who has no idea what it’s like to take two separate escalators just to get to your clothing section at Zara and of course never will, said Tuesday that “Men are not oppressed” during a heated conversation on the subject of gendered societal biases. “Guys just don’t experience the sort of obstacles we do,” said Chambers, who as a woman has never faced the humiliation of a Zara employee’s presumption when she approaches you to remark “Sir, if you’re looking for menswear, it’s on level three,” never had to trudge past not just every section for women’s apparel, but also the sections for women’s bags, shoes, and accessories before finally arriving at your destination, a khaki ghetto tucked well out of sight of “normal” Zara shoppers. “Talking about men as an oppressed class is just ridiculous. It distracts from the real issues, if you ask someone such as myself [who cannot possibly know what it’s like to finally reach your department only to discover that it’s a quarter of the size, has less than a quarter of the selection, and is clearly less of a social priority than the Zara kids’ section].” Chambers, who has not once suffered the utter indignity of feeling awkward asking if they have these slacks without pleats, brazenly added “There’s no such thing as reverse sexism.”


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