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LOS ANGELES—Fondly imagining herself having her own cubicle in the office that will be rented out to a different business by spring, Cordcrusher Media intern Nicole Dunn, 21, told reporters Monday she’s hoping to land a full-time position at the company that will not exist in eight months. “Cordcrusher has a good track record of promoting from within, and a bunch of people here have told me I’m doing well, so I think I’ve got a great shot of staying on long-term,” said Dunn of the online news and culture site that will, in less than three financial quarters, release a public statement declaring bankruptcy, abruptly call its employees into an all-staff meeting, and alert them that they are being let go without any severance packages. “I’m trying not to get my hopes up too high, but I could really see myself staying with this company for a long time.” Dunn went on to mention specific perks at Cordcrusher she was excited to take advantage of, including the cushy sofas located throughout the workspace, mini refrigerators full of soft drinks, and the high-tech equipment in the office’s media rooms that will all be sold at future auctions in order to recoup some of the company’s $15 million debt.

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