Illustration for article titled McDonald’s Janitor Would Like To Thank Everyone Who Tossed Half-Full Cups Of Soda Into Trash

BLOOMINGTON, IN—In an effusive display of gratitude toward the local community, McDonald’s custodian Kevin Daniels expressed his sincere thanks Wednesday to every customer who has thrown a half-filled cup of soda into any of his workplace’s eight trash receptacles. “Honestly, I can’t say thank you enough to all of you out there for not finishing your large cups of Coke and Dr. Pepper and then just tossing them into the garbage, especially the ones with a lot of ice—I appreciate those the most,” said Daniels, noting that the multiple times per day he carries a heavy, sloshing, and oftentimes leaking garbage bag to the dumpster behind the restaurant he realizes just how lucky he is. “I also want to give special praise to all of you who attempt to cram your soiled napkins and uneaten bits of burgers and Egg McMuffins into cans that are already overflowing. That truly makes my day. And don’t let me forget all the times you’ve smeared ketchup on the flap of the trash can where it dried and needed to be scraped off. Can’t wait to see what wonderful surprises the future has in store.” Daniels added that given how happy and grateful he is for all that McDonald’s customers do for him every day, he felt that it was extremely selfish of him to be making a full $8 an hour.


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