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AMARILLO, TX—Expressing concerns that he and those who were once closest to him had become emotionally distant over the past decade, local man John Shipley, 28, was worried Monday that he had nothing in common with his friend group apart from the 2009 murder they covered up. “It’s sad, but I noticed that the last few times we hung out that these days we find ourselves struggling to find stuff to talk about, and we just end up circling back to the night we hit a drifter with our car and worked together to bury the body in the woods,” said Shipley, who claimed that he seldom picks up the phone to talk to his old friends unless he needs to go over their alibis, a chore they have done thousands of times before. “That summer after high school, it seemed like it was going to be us against the world forever. I’ll never forget the day Grant looked us all in the eyes and said, ‘We can never tell anyone about this for as long as we live.’ I’d never felt closer to anyone in my life. But now that we’re out in the real world without the familiar surroundings of our hometown or the constant daily fear that the homicide detectives are on our trail, we’ve started drifting apart. It’s a natural part of life, I suppose, but it’s still kind of a bummer.” Shipley later expressed relief after reconnecting with his friend group when they were forced to murder the spouse of one of their members after they threatened to contact the police.


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