Man Worried Antidepressants Will Leave Trace Of Original Personality

CORAL SPRINGS, FL—Expressing concerns about the effects of the medication on his brain, local man Aaron Stilner told reporters Wednesday that he’s worried the antidepressants his physician prescribed will leave traces of his original personality. “I know my doctor wants me to start on SSRIs right away, but I don’t want to take any pills before I know for sure they will completely change who I am,” Stilner said of the new prescription, which he fears will fail to erase all semblance of his former self and allow certain of his longstanding and defining character traits to persist. “I guess I can always switch medications if I find that this one doesn’t alter every one of my individual characteristics. The last thing I want is for there to be any risk I’ll end up being recognizable to my friends and family.” At press time, Stilner had requested to increase his dosage by an additional 20 mg.


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