Man With 3 Kids Going To Make Great Father Someday

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SEARCY, AK—Saying they could just tell he’d be up to the task when he was ready, sources told reporters Monday that their friend Gary Katsopolis, who currently has three children, was going to make a great father someday. “Even though he may not be right for it this second, Gary’s got so many great qualities that, in a few years, he’s going to be an amazing dad,” said friend Pauline Barrister of the 36-year-old man who has three children ages two, four, and eight, as well as a fourth due next summer. “I mean, I’m sure he still has a bunch of other stuff he wants to do for now, and that’s cool, but when he actually wants a family, he’s gonna be Father of the Year, pretty much.” Barrister went on to say his friend would also be a fantastic husband once he got all that sleeping around out of his system.


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