COLUMBUS, OH—Saying he didn’t even have a moment to consider his decision, local man Stephen Ashbury acknowledged to reporters Wednesday that he acted on pure instinct when he stood and watched a robbery occur. “The adrenaline just took over the second I saw his gun, and suddenly I found myself standing there not moving a muscle,” said Ashbury, explaining that seemingly no time elapsed between him noticing someone was in danger and doing absolutely nothing while the assailant made off with the elderly victim’s handbag and necklace. “Honestly, I really can’t even take credit for what I did—I just saw an old woman in trouble and then kind of automatically slipped into a completely useless paralysis. I guess you never know what you’re capable of until that moment arrives.” Ashbury went on to say he was glad he reacted so quickly because if he had time to think, he just might have helped out.