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SEATTLE—Hoping to pick up a few tips on “maximizing his creative toolkit,” local poet Ian Kelly, 31, was reportedly watching a video about the habits of effective artists Thursday so that he, too, could be an effective artist. “These tips are what the best of the best do, practices that the leading artistic minds perform every day,” said Kelly, who jotted down a few notes from the seven-minute-long YouTube video stressing the importance of discipline and integrity as an artist looking to build a legacy of transparency and innovation. “It’s pretty inspiring to think that I could be just like Pablo Neruda if I only set efficient goals and get feedback. Oh, and that’s interesting about Beethoven. I hope that I, too, can achieve that reach. Huh, I wonder what Da Vinci watched to become so effective? Probably a play or a puppet show.” At press time, Kelly had left the video behind after clicking on an ad from MasterClass.


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