Man Treats Mother To Detail About His Personal Life

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ELKHART, IN—Saying that he likes to indulge her every once in a while, local man Wayne Timmons, 28, reportedly treated his mother to a small detail about his personal life during a phone conversation Thursday. “I was talking with my mom earlier, and I figured I’d make her day by sharing a single piece of private information that genuinely reflects something that’s going on in my life,” said Timmons, referring to a phone call in which he decided to give his mother a little thrill by briefly mentioning that he had recently met a woman at a colleague’s party and that he was considering inviting her out on a date. “I even told her this girl’s name before going back to flatly stating that work’s going fine, and that just about put her on cloud nine. It had been a while since I actually offered her anything other than the most general descriptions of my life, so the way I see it, she’d earned a little peek into the things I actually think about and feel.” After his spontaneous act of generosity reportedly elicited a series of probing follow-up questions into his recent dating prospects, Timmons decided that he would not be revealing any further non-superficial personal information to his mother for a minimum of six months.

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