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COLUMBIA, MO—Just two weeks after requesting candid feedback on his work and a greater voice in department meetings, local marketing strategist Daniel Farragut told reporters Monday that he is beginning to regret asking to be taken seriously by his peers. “I thought it would be helpful to hear a straightforward assessment of my job performance, but it turns out I was totally wrong,” said Farragut, who since asking to be treated as an integral member of the team has received over a dozen pointed criticisms of his abilities, 30 brutally honest appraisals of his proposals’ shortcomings, and a handful of sharp jabs at his general temperament. “I actually think I liked it better before, when everyone basically ignored me and called me out behind my back. It was so much easier to get through the day.” At press time, Farragut had made a string of mistakes large enough for his colleagues to be able to once again go about condescending to him and dismissing all of his contributions outright.


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