SPOKANE, WA—Confirming that almost any aspect of his life could conceivably push him over the edge, local man Matthew Thurston told reporters Friday that he is sort of curious as to what his last straw is going to be. “I wonder if my breaking point is going to be an incident with my family, some disagreement with my coworkers, or maybe a run-in with a total stranger—it’s really anyone’s guess,” said Thurston, adding that, for all he knew, he might come completely apart for as trivial a reason as misunderstanding the tone of an email or unsatisfactory service at a restaurant. “There are just so many possibilities. My wife could leave me, I might get fired. Maybe someone cuts me off in traffic, and I just snap. It’s pretty much impossible for me to narrow it down.” Thurston went on to say that he also occasionally wondered if, when the time came, he was going to freak out or just quietly fall to pieces.


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