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CHICAGO—Resigning himself to the notion that he might never match them for sheer drive, local man Trevor Henning came to the realization Thursday that he would always be up against smarter, faster, and more cunning apartment hunters. “I wonder if there’s a point to even trying when there are people who basically specialize at this,” said Henning, reflecting upon the handful of suitable apartments within his price range that he’d seen online but failed to actually view before they were snatched up by savvier, more predatory renters. “There will always be someone 10 steps ahead of me. I can call to see an apartment the same day I learn about it and show up just in time to see them signing the lease. By the time I’m just coming around to the idea of having radiator heat, they’re halfway done repainting the bathroom. Maybe I’m just not cut out to find a good apartment.” At press time, Henning had put down a three-month deposit to sublet the second bedroom in a garden unit $200 over his price range.


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