DEL CITY, OK—Stunned by his immense breadth of knowledge and quiet confidence while discussing the issue, friends of local man Eric Bridges told reporters Monday the 28-year-old’s ironclad understanding of gas prices was able to withstand a barrage of not just one, but two follow-up questions. “After Eric mentioned something about how the price of gas is starting to rise again, I asked him if it’ll keep going up, and then our friend Luke asked him a completely different question about why it’s cheaper in certain places, and he was able to answer both just like that,” said friend Alex Tischer, who reportedly marveled as Bridges gave an all-knowing, 15-second description of what OPEC is and does. “He didn’t even pause to think; as soon as we finished asking, he jumped right in with a response. I’m telling you, the guy really knows his stuff.” At press time, Bridges reportedly blew the group’s mind by asking if they wanted to know anything else.