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ST. LOUIS—Carefully choosing the exact details and wording in order to maximize its impact in a very brief period of time, local man Kyle Perry settled on a single concise anecdote that he will tell every person who asks about his vacation to the Bahamas, sources confirmed Thursday. “I’ll start with the weather, which was cloudy at first but then cleared up—that’s a pretty reliable entry point,” said the 32-year-old Perry, adding that while his hotel wasn’t sufficiently interesting to merit inclusion in his short narrative, he was prepared to succinctly characterize it as “small but nice” if inquiries were specifically made. “I’ll tell them that I tried grouper for the first time and liked it. Then I’ll get to the highlight when I went scuba diving and brushed up against a huge manta ray. Ideally, I’d mention my funny cab driver, but I really don’t want this to turn into a whole thing, so I’ll probably just skip it.” Perry went on to say that he would then wrap up by stating he had a great time and would definitely go back, and that would be that.

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