Man Praying Interviewer Doesn’t Ask Any Questions

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MINNEAPOLIS—His mouth going dry and his palms growing sweaty as he arrived at the offices of Regent Advertising Partners to interview for an open account manager position, local man Devin McKee reportedly prayed Thursday that the hiring manager wouldn’t ask him any questions during their meeting. “Oh man, giving answers was the one thing I didn’t prepare for—if they ask me something, I’ll be so screwed,” McKee reportedly thought to himself, his heart beginning to race faster as he imagined how he would likely freeze up or flounder around in panic if his interviewer put him on the spot with a question of any kind. “Okay, okay, calm down. All you need is for them to keep speaking for the entire 30 minutes without expecting you to respond in any way—then you should be fine. All right, here goes.” At press time, sources confirmed McKee’s stomach had dropped and his eyes had gone wide in terror after the first thing out of his interviewer’s mouth was a question about how he was doing.


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