Man Passes Away Surrounded By Knife-Wielding Loved Ones

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BETHESDA, MD—Following a long and excruciatingly painful battle, local husband and father of three Bryan Dunn, 43, reportedly passed away Thursday surrounded by many of his closest knife-wielding loved ones. “It was hard to see Bryan go, but you could tell how much it meant to have all of his friends and family around for his final hours, inching closer and closer with our freshly sharpened blades,” said Dunn’s sister, Elizabeth Jones, who described how comforting it was to look in her sibling’s eyes as he drew his ultimate breaths while trying in vain to stop her from stabbing his abdomen. “He fought so hard right until the very last moment. In a way, I feel a sense of relief, since by the end he barely even looked like himself, especially once [his wife] Alison got done with the bolo knife.” Jones added that she also took some solace in knowing that her brother was now in several better places.

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