Man Methodically Explains Origin Behind Every Poster Hanging In Apartment

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CHICAGO—Detailing the extensive backstories of the wall hangings and how he came to acquire them, local man Richard Minhas was methodically explaining Thursday the origin of every poster hanging in his apartment. “This one over here is a print of a Japanese woodblock I got from the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and then the one right next to it is a vintage Tylenol advertisement I picked up at a garage sale,” said Minhas, ushering his guest around the 750-square-foot space, stopping by the placards, which included an old-timey map of Arizona and a reproduction of a 1977 Fleetwood Mac tour poster, to elucidate their content as well as his personal connection to the pieces. “I really like this French movie The Wages Of Fear, so I placed it next to this other poster for Bicycle Thieves, since they’re both movies. As for these ones in the kitchen, this is a taxonomic chart cataloguing a bunch of varieties of mushrooms, this one is the same thing but with spices, this one is a diagram of a cow showing all the cuts of beef, and then this is an old sign advertising fresh tomatoes I got at a farmers market.” After he finished explaining all the posters, Minhas reportedly expounded on every keepsake on his bookshelf. 


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