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DALLAS, TX—Describing his acquaintance’s backlash as intellectually dishonest, local man Gabe Weaver insisted Wednesday that his Facebook friend Matt Nathans reads the article he shared titled “Why Palestinians Are Sub-Human” before commenting on it. “Why don’t you actually examine the author’s carefully laid out arguments about Palestinians being worthless, scum-of-the-Earth feral animals whose deaths shouldn’t be mourned before weighing in?” said Weaver, adding that Nathans simply made a knee-jerk reaction by labeling the piece as “wrong” and deliberately failed to engage with the blogger’s reasons for why Israeli soldiers are justified in killing whichever unarmed protesters, nurses, and civilians of the ethnonational group they see fit. “Don’t just go jumping in with unsupported opinions about how the Palestinian people don’t deserve to be displaced, brutalized, and slaughtered. Read his rationale for why the Palestinian people are bloodthirsty savages who merit the abuse, humiliation, and other civil rights violations they experience at Israeli checkpoints, and then talk to me.” At press time, Weaver was commenting on an opinion piece Nathans posted called “The Palestinian Tragedy” before reading it.


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