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MIAMI—Struggling to adjust to the controls and interfaces of the unfamiliar vehicle, business traveler Sam Mancini confirmed Wednesday that he had spent the initial 20 minutes in his rented 2018 Mazda 3 attempting to locate the automobile’s steering wheel. “I don’t—okay, hold on. Is this the type you flip up or something? I’m lost when it comes to these newer models,” said Mancini, running his hands along the top of the dashboard for the third time while visually confirming that the steering wheel was not located in the center console, incorporated into the infotainment touchscreen, or concealed in a hidden compartment of the instrument panel. “I’ve heard that the latest cars pretty much drive themselves, but you’d think there would be some sort of steering wheel. I mean, yes, there’s a big round device in front of me, but it’s got all these buttons and switches and I’m not completely comfortable resting my hands on it.” At press time, Mancini had been on the phone with Enterprise customer service for an additional 20 minutes.


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