Man Hates It When Trailer Gives Away Entire Premise Of Movie

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DECATUR, IL—Lamenting that his viewing experience was already ruined by reveals made in the preview, area man Adam Fredrikson told reporters Friday that he hates it when a trailer gives away the entire premise of a movie. “I’ll be pumped to see a new film, but once the title and basic dramatic conceit are revealed in the trailer, my anticipation is completely gone,” said Fredrikson, explaining that once he realized a film involved a love story between two main characters, took place during World War II, or had a director, it no longer seemed worth spending $14 and 90 minutes to see it. “For instance, I can already tell I Feel Pretty is set in New York, because of that shot of the Empire State Building, and it’s super obvious from the voice-over that Amy Schumer is having problems with her self-image. Why would they do that? There are no surprises left.” Fredrikson added that he was also sick of recognizing the actors who appeared on screen during the feature, thus spoiling the credits.


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